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Gruvaldo presenta Glumea

Support / Streamings

If you want you can support the artist buy the album and printed photo grallery on BANDCAMP.

This album is also for streaming on your favorite music service.

Words on the songs

The album starts with the track “Voy” that translates to “I am coming” with a deep hypnotic synth with a broken wailing voice that serves as an introduction.

Secondly connects with the track “Alto” tranlates to “High” that elevetes the spirit as high as one can by using ever-evolving harmonic scales that feels up the heart and sould of the listener.

In third place “Hermanis” (BroSisterhood) enters with a pseudo brazilian rhythm with jazzy mellow chords with an 808 groove at high bpm taking directly to the hearts and butts.

Then we have “Milagros” (Miracles) that shows Gruvaldo loosing the fear of singing and playing all the instruments and features Yassine on the marrocan Guembri. The song talks about secrets and miracles.

“Gozar” (Enjoy) serves as a binaural interlude with Gruvaldo enjoying himself on the UDO Super 6.

‘Medio Ambiente” (Environment) is a shocking meesage from the depths of the ocean warning the humans to stop polluting their own home, Planet Earth.

“Te Amo”, is the maximum expression of love with Gruvaldo playing all instruments and screaming “I love you” for 7 minutes.

“Paz” is another live recording of a jam by Gruvaldo on open-flute and guitar and Paulette on clarinette and percussion. A binaural mantra from the depths of the cosmos dropping tears for the atrocities of the planet hoping for PEACE ON PLANET EARTH.

“Iguales” features Maggie, a violin player from china that also sings together with Gruvaldo in harmony the words “We are the same” in english, chinese and spanish in order to unify the humans from Planet Earth to end with all wars. ONE WORLD.

The funny “Joder” repeats the words “They’re not going to screw me” rhyming with “Because I dance all day eating watermelon”.

“Profundo” closes the album softly with a deep meditative state for the mind and spirit of the kind soul listening.